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Standing from the Overlook Pass of the Twin Lakes Apartment Pool View and looking to the northeast and the south, can be seen magnificent views of the lake with groups of striking apartment rows in the background.

Amidst the backdrop of the splendid clubhouse architecture in the distance, you will experience the exhilaration and excitement of diving into the facility's swimming pool on the open air under the smiling sun.

Lakeview Drive goes around the entire apartment area complex, with Twin Lakes Apartments and Twin Lakes Apartment Pool View majestically sprawled across the lakeside area. Serene and spacious, the Twin Lakes environment and atmosphere enhances a high quality of life in this part of New York.

  • ith a wide lounging area around the poolside, appointed with sundecks and custom-built tables and chairs under French umbrellas, the place is simply wonderful. One has a 270-degree panoramic view of the lakes, panning from the south to the east to the north. The westside has better views of the Friars Gate and Coachman Square rows of apartments.

West of the Twin Lakes Apartment Pool View are three landmarks you might want to see that could meet your need as a resident especially if you have your family with you. These are the New York Oncology and Hematology Center along Crossing Boulevard, the CPHM Emergency Core and the Pals Early Childhood Care and Learning Center.

With its strategic location, the Twin Lakes Apartment Pool View is accessible from all points, and can be considered as a work of constructive art. Twin Lakes Apartment Amenities allows for the optimization of your stay in the fabulous Twin Lakes as you delight in the various apartment amenities available.

From the Twin Lakes Apartment Pool View you can easily visit the food and entertainment landmarks around Twin Lakes Apartments. To the east which is just a few minutes' drive is the Halfmoon Sandwich and Salad Shoppe along Highway 9 on the eastside and the Grecian Pizza Gardens. To the north, passing through Crossing Boulevard and Half Moon Crossing is the Red Ribbon Gourmet Burgers, and further westwards is the Wheatfields Bistro and Wine bar. You can visit site :

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Welcome home to Twin Lakes Apartments, a quiet Palm Harbor apartment community in the heart of Tampa Bay area.

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